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Nigerian Girls Coding Their Way to a Better Future

Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin has devoted her life to the study of programming and the expansion of human knowledge. As a girl growing up in Nigeria, Abisoye saw firsthand how culture can condition women to believe that there is no place for them within the fields of STEM. As an adult, she has subverted the limiting opportunities she faced as a child by paving the way for young women to counter repression through knowledge and technology. Her fortitude in the face of the culture’s limitations come to life in her work: the creation and development of Girls Coding, an organization devoted to teaching disadvantaged girls how to program. Many of these young women grow up believing that education is well out of reach but Girls Coding is changing this narrative and cultivating a sense of belonging.

Over 400 girls have walked through the doors of Abisoye’s organization and learned how to program. These girls envision a future where they can pursue careers in the sciences, law, and programming. These young women are a realization of Abisoye’s long-term vision: all citizens equally contributing solutions that can lay the foundation for the prosperity and development of their country.

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