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Vialogues is developed at Teachers College Columbia University. We recommend carefully reviewing the Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.


  1. We will make our best efforts to maintain as much security and privacy of your data while it is in our hands, but can make no guarantees about data security.

  2. If any data in your post violates local or national laws, we reserve the right to remove the data and any offending users.  This includes respecting intellectual property rights of others and not posting harmful or offensive content.

  3. While we strive to build a high-quality product, we provide no guarantee that Vialogues is completely bug free. Use at your own discretion.

  4. It is up to the individual posting the video to obtain the necessary permissions and releases from persons in the video.

Description of Vialogues Accounts and Service

Vialogues is a video sharing and collaboration tool created by members of Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College, Columbia University and hosted by Teachers College. Vialogues users can upload videos, create discussions, add comments and view videos within the guides of these terms of service and the Vialogues privacy policy.

Account Registration and Security

Vialogues users are responsible for all actions and content contributed by their account, and for maintaining their account security. If you believe your Vialogues account has been subject to unlawful use, contact the Vialogues team immediately using the information provided under the "contact us" link in the site footer. Vialogues is not responsible for such breaches or any damages incurred from breaches. We will make every attempt to keep your information private, but by using Vialogues you acknowledge that it is still in development and bugs are possible.

You may currently take advantage of several privacy settings regarding videos and discussions. Any video and any discussion may be set to private, so use discretion when choosing who may view and participate in your vialogues.

Responsibility of Contributors

Vialogues users are responsible for all content they create or upload onto Vialogues, including discussions, comments, tags, and video uploads.As a Vialogues user, you commit to the following:

Third Parties. Any use of content from a third party does not infringe on the rights of that party, including but not limited to proprietary rights, intellectual property rights of a user's employer, or appropriate communication of third-party licenses;

Commercial Content. Vialogues accounts are not to be used for commercial communications, including unlawful multi-level marketing, automatic or random collection of user data for commercial purposes, or spam, i.e. any repeated communication, advertising, or self-promotion;

Coded Content. Content that includes computer code is described accurately and does not contain or install any harmful, destructive, or data-mining content;

Inappropriate Content. Vialogues users and subscribers agree that the Content they contribute is not pornographic, libelous or defamatory, does not contain threats or incite violence toward any entity or individual, or violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third-party.


Vialogues is an ongoing project supported by Teachers College at Columbia University. Help requests submitted by email or other services listed on the site will be answered as prioritized by the Vialogues staff's capabilities and as development processes dictates.

Due to network size and server limitations, we cannot guarantee support to all users. In any case, we will do our best to offer support through our support services as outlined above and FAQ.

Use of Content Submitted or Made Available Through Vialogues For Promotional Purposes

Vialogues does not claim ownership over content you submit or make available through your account. With respect to content you make publicly available, Vialogues reserves the right to use, distribute, reproduce, modify, adapt, and publicly display such content for the sole purpose of providing and promoting Vialogues services in the manner that the content was made available. This license exists only for as long as the content is available on Vialogues and will terminate at the time you or Vialogues removes content from the site. This license does not exist to content denoted as private.

These Terms of Service preempt any rights you reserve by individually licensing your content, whether through site-wide licensing or licensing of individual pieces of content.


Vialogues may terminate access to all or part of Vialogues or a user's site at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately. If you wish to terminate this Agreement or your Vialogues account, you may discontinue using the website.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Vialogues is provided as is and disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied. Vialogues is a project in development and makes no warranty that it will be error free or that access will be continuous or uninterrupted.


Vialogues and Gottesman Libraries, Teachers College Columbia University reserve the right to make appropriate changes to the functionality, pricing, support and privacy policies for Vialogues. These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time without notice. Users' continued access and contributions to Vialogues signify their agreement to these Terms. All new features are subject to these Terms.

General Representation and Warranty

You represent and warrant that your use of Vialogues will be in strict accordance with the Vialogues Privacy Policy, with this Agreement and with all applicable laws and regulations (including without limitation any local laws or regulations in your country, state, city, or other governmental area, regarding online conduct and acceptable content, and including all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from the United States or the country in which you reside).

Liability and Indemnification

Vialogues is not responsible for any change to content, misrepresentation by content providers, contrary opinions, hurt feelings or other adverse event which might occur in the process of lively discussion within a community. Likewise, we are not responsible for any interruption of service from our content or content shared by others. All liability is on the user for any cost or damages experienced while using, or as a result of using, our website. Gottesman Libraries, Teachers College, and Columbia University are fully indemnified against such damages.

Community Guidelines

If you encounter video with any of the content listed below, please use the feedback link to bring it to our attention. Please do not post the following content on Vialogues:

  • Pornography
  • Illegal acts
  • Graphic violence
  • Copyrighted material not owned by the user
  • Hate speech
  • Spam

It is our intent and purpose to make Vialogues a learning-centered environment. For this reason, blatant advertising, promotion, and spam will not be tolerated on the site. If we come across content that appears to be an advertisement or bot-generated, the associated accounts may be subject to suspension as outlined elsewhere in these Terms.

Vialogues reserves the right to permanently delete any content that violates copyright or raises objections from other users in the community or from the Vialogues staff.

Privacy Policy

Information collected by Gottesman Libraries, Teachers College, Columbia University

We may collect personal information, as appropriate and as volunteered by the user, such as your name, email address, postal mailing address, home/mobile telephone number if you register for an account or otherwise use the features of Vialogues. We also collect session requests during your vialogues browsing to help us better recommend resources and provide a better Vialogues experience in the future.

How We May Use Information We Collect

  • The information we collect from you may be used in any of the following ways:
  • To improve and personalize your experience
  • To enhance our website by analyzing how you use it
  • To send you periodic emails regarding our service
  • To enforce our Terms of Service

How we protect your information

We offer the use of a secured server with current industry practices.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time without notice. Users' continued access and contributions to Vialogues signify their agreement to this Policy.

User Consent

By using our site, you agree to our privacy policy and terms of service.