About Vialogues

Video + Dialogues

Vialogues provides a space for people to hold meaningful and dynamic time-stamped discussions about videos. It proves videos are not only powerful educational resources but also the ultimate conversation starters.

Vialogues is an award-winning discussion platform that transforms a once-passive experience into an interactive collaboration. Whether it’s a video from your own collection or ours, YouTube or Vimeo, Vialogues will get people talking, sharing, and learning together.

Vialogues is completely free to use. It was created and developed by a dedicated team of educators, researchers, and engineers from Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College Columbia University. We are committed to contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of learning. We believe that means supporting ambitious teaching and learning through the development of engaging learning apps and services. If you have feedback or suggestions about your experience with Vialogues, let us know! That’s how we make sure Vialogues is hitting the mark. So, drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you.

Who Is Vialogues For?

Teachers, instructors, lecturers, trainers, and tutors; filmmakers, animators, and graphic designers; musicians, dancers, and artists; athletes and sports fans; politicians and political pundits; news stations and journalists; historians and history buffs; anyone; everyone!

How To Vialogue

1. Create:

Give people something to talk about: upload a video or link to one from YouTube or Vimeo.

2. Invite:

Make your vialogue open to everyone or a group of your choosing.

3. Interact:

Add timestamped comments, surveys, and multiple-choice questions to your discussion.

4. Share:

Take your conversation on the road by embedding it in an LMS, website, or blog.